Consecrated virgins have the right to assemble and create

associations to support this vocation and living it. This right is

guaranteed in canon 604 section 2. However, these associations do not

have to be juridic persons in the Church. To be a juridic person in

the Church, the proper Church authority must review and approve the

statutes and by-laws in writing by decree. Being a juridic person

also requires being subject to additional rules regarding finances,

reporting to the proper Church authority, etc. If members eventually

want it to become a juridic person in the Church with its associated

responsibilities, the application process can be started. It is

possible that if this group is created to be deliberately

international, the application will go to the Vatican because it has

jurisdiction over international associations of the faithful. It is

also possible that this nascent group may choose to file for civil

recognition as a public charity for tax purposes [or not, depending

on the desires of the group].
Writing the Statutes

Interested virgins may help write the statutes and by-laws as they

are still being formed. Indeed, even the name of this organization

is still up for debate because it is now leaning in the direction of

being a truly global association rather than geographically centered.

The emphasis will be on digital communications (webinars, forums,