Book Publication Announcement

We are pleased to announce the partnership of the Institute on Religious Life (IRL), and the Society of American Virgins in publishing the authorized English translation of Fr. Sandrino Bocchin’s book on our vocation from its original Italian and Latin. Fr. Bocchin’s work “La verginita “professata”, “celebrata”, “confessata”: Contributo per la sua comprensione teologico-liturgica dall’Ordo consecrationis Virginum is truly monumental and one of the best resources of information about our vocation.

Bocchin writes of the ritual liturgy and its development, exploring the meaning of the different elements of the current and past rites of consecration. He brings up many theological considerations about the vocation of virgins that can be deduced from the Rite and its predecessors. A review of this book will be forthcoming as this short blurb cannot give it justice. Suffice to say, it is one of the most authoritative, encompassing, informative works on the vocation to be published. Along with Fr. Rene Metz’s works, it will be considered a classic reference work to consult when faced with questions about the vocation or the liturgical Rite.

Right now the translation is almost complete. The Italian portion of the translation is being overseen by Laurie Malashanko, and the Latin translation was completed by Dr. Edward Peters, JCD, who is one of the world’s preeminent canonists, a consultant to the Vatican, and a professor of canon law at a seminary. The book is scheduled to be published and offered to the public late summer, around August or September by the IRL.

As the original book is 1,076 pages, it is a costly venture. We hired the best translators to ensure quality was maintained in the translation, and we are raising funds for the first run. We will be needing to raise about $4,000 or $5,000 more. Donations towards this may be made to the IRL with checks that indicate “Bocchin Book” in the memo or by debit or credit card by phone to the IRL. We will be getting a paypal link up soon as well so that you may do this online. All donations to the IRL for this project are tax-deductible. All profits from the sales of the book, per agreement with the IRL and licensing fees to the Italian publishers as stipulated in our licensing agreement.

We ask that you prayerfully consider donating to this so that we can get the book published and off the ground. We also ask for prayers for the IRL and the major donor behind this project. The story behind this project is that a few years ago, Therese Ivers met an individual who was interested in sponsoring something that would promote the vocation of consecrated virginity by making a five figure donation. He had made several attempts to contact another group of consecrated virgins to offer such a donation and never received a response. Therese encouraged him to contact that group and personally contacted one of the leaders of that group to let them know he was a legitimate donor but neither she nor he received any responses from that group. Several years passed, and Therese discovered this book by Bocchin in Rome, and asked this individual if he would consider being a major donor for its translation. He agreed and the rest, as they say, is history. He has asked to remain anonymous, but we ask that you pray to Our Divine Spouse to bless him and the others who are working hard to bring this resource to the English speaking world.